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12 Luxury Pet Products to Pamper Your Pooch

12 Luxury Pet Products to Pamper Your Pooch


“For most of us, our pets are an extension of our personal style,” says pet trend and lifestyle expert, Charlotte Reed. “Breed choice, how our dogs behave, what they wear and what they have says a lot about us as their owners. While not everyone can afford luxury pet items, it is fun to have a few favorites or aspire to have a few unique and special items that you can lavish upon your pet.”


We throw them birthday parties, dress them up in costumes, and take them with us on vacation. Our love has no bounds and, for some high-end grooming and pet accessories, money is no object. In return, their companionship keeps us healthier and happier.


“Some of my favorites are listed below, and they are not just made, but crafted—true to their fashion houses’ style and reputation,” adds Reed. “Remember, if you invest in a quality product, you must be willing to take care of it, according to the manufacturer’s specifications.”

Below are some of the most popular luxury pet products and accessories available today.

1. Maev Dog Wellness Bundles


Maev allows you to take your dog’s health as seriously as your own. This premier dog care brand offers human-grade, raw food that addresses all your dog’s nutritional needs. Eight different product bundles address every life stage and issue your dog might be struggling with. Choose from bundles for puppies or seniors and small or big dogs. There are also bundles for itchy, achy, gassy or reactive dogs.

Each bundle includes tailored, quality dog food, vitamin bars, collagen-rich bone broth, or both. The foods are made from US Department of Agriculture-certified beef or chicken as the first and main ingredient. The remaining ingredients are superfoods you’ll cognize, like peanut butter and fish and flaxseed oil. They’re supplemented with chondroitin and glucosamine for hip and joint wellness or probiotics and chicory root for healthy digestion.

You choose the frequency of your deliveries. Food is stored in the freezer and then thawed for 10 minutes at room temperature before serving.


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2. Goyard Travel Bowl


“If you like to travel in style, you want the same experience for Fido. The Goyard Travel bowl, available in two colors, is made from Goyardine canvas and Clamacy cowhide, in the company’s trunk and luggage workshop,” explains Reed. “This product is so exclusive that there is no price on the luxe company’s website. You must call to order.”

One of our favorite upscale pet products, Goyard has been providing high-end dog products since they were founded in 1890s Paris. When open, two bowls for food and water clipped into a beautiful wood interior. When not in use, it folds conveniently closed into a tasteful travel suitcase with two cowhide handles and a shiny buckle closure.

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3. Ralph Lauren Pet Cable Cashmere Dog Sweater


“Want your pooch to have a luxurious sweater in the Fall and Winter months? Consider the Polo Ralph Lauren’s signature cable-knit construction, crafted from luxurious Italian cashmere with a discreet leash hole at the back,” says Reed. “Choose the elegant but stand-out purple. It’s available in five sizes and six colors.”

The devil is in the details with this luxury dog sweater. It has short sleeves with ribbed, folded cuffs and a ribbed hem. It’s dry clean only to protect the cashmere. The red version is an excellent option for Christmas. A lot of customers recommend getting the next size up since they run slightly small.

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4. Hermes Carrying Bag for Dogs


“You gotta love this lightweight Hermes dog bag for small dogs (under 11 lbs),” notes Reed. “The water-resistant and breathable fabric dog bag is top-fastening with snap closures and double zippers. The bone-shaped luggage tag in bridle leather is reversible and has a removable stainless-steel plate that can be engraved and slid into the tag. The best part—it’s approved for airline cabin use.”

Made in France, this gorgeous shoulder bag has air holes reinforced with metal grommets and a ventilation slot on the back. Your dog can ride in style and comfort, right by your side.

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5. Puppington Limited Edition 7-Day Magic Stick Nose and Paw Balm


You can prevent or cure dry noses and painful, cracked paws with this 100% organic Pup Wax. This is the must-have for your pup’s daily skincare routine. The hearty balm will protect your dog’s soft bits affected daily by outdoor temperature extremes, dry heat inside or allergies. Vegan and cruelty-free ingredients in this high-end grooming product help stop scratching and chewing of skin and paws and can even clear up an angry belly rash.

Moisturizing ingredients—organic shea butter, argan and hempseed oils—are stiffened with soy-free candelilla wax. The light pleasant scent of organic virgin coconut oil is accomplished without perfumes, fragrances, or essential oils that would irritate a sensitive pup’s nose and skin. It goes on smooth for deep moisture and protection against the elements and toxins their little paws encounter in the wide world.

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6. Barbour Wax Dog Coat


“True British countryside style bringing quality old wit, grit and glamor to its beautifully functional clothing, Barbour makes a must-have Wax Dog Coat,” says Reed. “Available in three colors and sizes from extra small to extra extra large, best to go with the traditional olive green so that ‘they’ can know that you are one of them.”

The outer is waxed cotton, so it’s water and stain-resistant while remaining soft and flexible with your dog’s movement. The cotton tartan lining has lightweight wadding between it and the outer layer. It also has a tasteful cord collar detail and a Velcro fastening underbody strap. It also carries the Barbour branding seal on the back.

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7. Attirecare Organic Dog Shampoo


Hypoallergenic, organic and naturally anti-flea and tick, this sumptuous shampoo leaves your dog clean and odor-free. Organic tea tree oil soothes and protects your dog’s skin, while cedarwood oil naturally repels fleas and ticks. It’s appropriate for all breeds and ages, including puppies. It rinses clean with warm water.

You’ll love the ingredients in this high-end grooming product as much as you love the rich lather that comes from coco-glucoside, and surfactants from coconut and fruit sugars. Healthy ingredients include sea salts, white vinegar and sandalwood, coconut and lavender oils.

Attirecare is a British family-run, a small-batch producer that cares about the environment as much as its canine customers. From natural and organic ingredients to operating a zero-waste, made-to-order business, you can feel good about purchasing for your dog and the planet.

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8. Fendi Dog Necklace


“Pups, male or female, wear jewelry, too,” notes Reed. “This brand’s pet necklace, made of brass with a palladium finish and a clip closure, embellished with white crystals and a Fendi pendant.”

Although Fendi was made famous by its impeccable Italian handbags, their 90 years of solid craftsmanship earned them their luxury status. So, it’s no surprise that this simple, artful necklace is meticulously crafted to add a little extra sparkle to your day.

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9. Nature Gnaws Gnaw Box


The natural instinct of chewing keeps your dog’s teeth sparkling clean while also relaxing their anxiety. They’re perfect for when company comes, or you want to celebrate with a special treat. Each month Nature Gnaws will surprise your dog with a range of different treats and chews so they will never have the chance to become bored.

You can choose a small or large subscription box to be delivered to your door. Large is for aggressive chewers, active puppies, and medium to large breeds, while the small box is for light chewers and smaller breeds. Some are quick treats, others are longer lasting and all are rawhide-free and single or limited ingredient.

The Gnaw Box includes bully sticks, salmon treats, jerky and yak chews, tendons and antlers. Each is hand-inspected and hand-packed in Deerfield Beach, Florida, USA.

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10. Moncler Hooded Puffer Dog Vest


“The Moncler Hooded Puffer Dog Vest features their color block design in signature colors to keep your beloved dog warm whether he is frolicking in Aspen or in the Swiss Alps,” says Reed. “The lined vest, constructed in nylon and poly-filled, features a detachable hood and snap closures. Pick one up at Saks, and don’t forget the matching dog leash and collar for a signature statement.”

Your pooch will stay warm and sassy in this contrasting color block design in signature colors. It’s carefully made in Italy, so dry clean only. Moncler is named after the Alpine village of Monestier-de-Clermont near Grenoble, France, where the luxury outerwear brand got its start in 1952.

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11. Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops


CBD, also called cannabidiol, is a natural component in hemp that can be extracted and concentrated. Just like humans, it has an incredible array of health benefits when used therapeutically. Scientific studies in dogs have shown that it improves healing and relieves symptoms of arthritis, itchiness, anxiety and even cancer with only positive side effects. It’s even known to help heal bones and prevent seizures.

Even if your dog is perfectly healthy, it’ll have a relaxed evening, car ride, or family party with a couple of well-timed drops. This National Animal Supplement Counsel Certified hemp extract features a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including the terpenes that optimize CBD activity. The plastic graduated dropper is easy to use, and it’s available in both unflavored and chicken-flavored options.

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12. La Petite Maison Custom Dog Houses


“For when your dog needs time away to himself, La Petite Maison offers custom-built dog houses on location to your specifications, or they can be shipped to you whole,” explains Reed. “If you prefer, you can build your own, as plans are available. Imagine your dog enjoying their own White House or a model of your own house.”

If you can dream it, they can build it. Each exquisitely detailed dog house is a work of art. The inside is meticulously finished with dry-walled interiors, recessed lighting, art and décor. Running water can also be included upon request.

You can work directly with two award-winning designers—Alan Mowrer, the builder and Michelle Pollak, the interior designer. But act quickly if you want one because they only work with a limited number of clients each year.

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