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Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Like humans, dogs need sleep. Good sleeping habits and a regular feeding and exercise regimen contribute to healthier sleeping patterns for dogs. Petrendologist Reed provides expert tips about dogs and sleeping. 

How many hours a day does a dog sleep?

Dogs sleep anywhere from 8-14 hours a day. However, these numbers can vary based on your dog, their age, activity level, and personality.

Do dogs suffer from sleep disorders? 

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from a number of sleep disorders. Dogs can have insomnia which is often related to physical discomfort from arthritis, fleas, or other medical ailments like a heart or respiratory problems. Canines can suffer from sleep apnea which is more common in overweight dogs and flat-faced breeds. Others can also suffer from narcolepsy which is usually genetically rooted-Dobermans for example. 

How can we help dogs sleep better?

Pet owners can help dogs sleep better by providing them with a consistent feeding, exercise, and sleeping schedule. Exercise dogs according to the season. Depending on the time of the year, you might need to find more activities indoors vs outdoors.  Puzzle games and indoor agility sets are great when outdoor conditions are extremely hot or extremely cold.  Soft toys for fetching are also good for indoor play. Additionally, it is important to notice how a dog sleeps and provide a bed according to his or her sleeping needs. Dogs with arthritis need firm, supportive beds. Larger dogs have a tendency to stretch out while smaller and toy dogs have a tendency to curl up to secure/preserve their body heat. Also, recognize that you might need a seasonal bed. Warmer beds with cozier fabric during the winter.  Maybe cots in the summer to promote airflow.

How best should we wake up dogs?  

Never physically wake up a dog in a rough way. Call your dog first. If he doesn’t wake up, then gentle arose your dog. Depending on your dog’s personality, nightmares, dreams, or REM cycle, he might be wary if you roughly awaken him and try to bite you. This can be a problem with kids who may anxiously want to interact with dogs.

Is it a good idea to sleep with your dogs?

Many people enjoy sleeping with their dogs. But it is always a good idea for a dog to have his own bed or his own resting place this ensures both dogs and owners get the best night’s sleep.

To learn more about Petrendologist Charlotte Reed and these tips, listen to her syndicated radio show visit You can also follow her on The Pet Buzz social media channels Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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