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The 15 Best Raincoats for Dogs

The 15 Best Raincoats for Dogs

For many dog parents, the struggle to find proper rain gear for their four-legged family member is real because one style does not fit all. Take, for instance, the under-zipper iteration, a mortal foe for a Cavalier King Charles’ belly floof, which gets caught in the grind. Or the cropped puffer variety, which may be chic, but can fall short on a long-bodied corgi. 

To accommodate the head-to-tail nuances of your pooch, it’s important to find your pet’s perfect size before you buy. Bradenton, Fla.-based Charlotte Reed, host of the nationally syndicated radio show The Pet Buzz, has a tried-and-true formula: While your dog is standing, take three measurements: from the base of the neck to the base of the tail, chest circumference and around the neck. “Write all the measurements down so when shopping for a raincoat you can compare,” says Reed. “When in doubt, round up a size.” 

For maximum ear coverage


Star Prints Lightweight Reflective Waterproof Dog Raincoat


If your pup’s ears are more like ground sweepers, you’re well aware of the debris they collect on any given day. Should they get wet, the mess requires a DEFCON 1-level tub scrub. To save yourself (and your pup) all the bath angst, Reed recommends the Blueberry Pet Star Prints Waterproof Raincoat for its adjustable hood, which can be tightened to keep even basset hound ears under wraps. Reed also praises the coat’s lightweight construction, “which covers most of the body, except the tail,” while the elasticized gathered legs help the coat stay put on your pooch.   

For outdoor adventure


Visibility Dog Raincoat


If you and your best pal prefer excursions in the wild, the Paikka Visibility Dog Raincoat is tops for an outdoorsy hound. Nick Navarro, who runs K9 Concepts dog training in Naples, Fla., discovered the coat when looking for one that could stand up to the elements during the duo’s camping trips. “It isn’t bulky or overbearing, yet it provides insulation and superior protection from the rain,” he says. Because it’s extremely reflective, your canine is safer in lowlight situations, “especially when camping where there may not be streetlights or other ambient light around,” says Navarro. 

For the angst-prone pup  


Base Jumper Raincoat


Not every dog is in its element when it rains. Just ask Chicago-based fashion expert Maggie Gillette, whose Bedlington terrier Buster is not impressed. To ease the transition from the comfort of indoors to the fury of outdoors, she outfits him in the Puppia Base Jumper Raincoat. “It doesn’t sound loud when rain lands on it like some plastic coats, so it’s ideal for nervous dogs like mine,” she says. Gillette particularly appreciates the ease with which it goes on and off, which makes the whole process less traumatizing for Buster. “There is a Velcro strip down the stomach, so no pulling it over your dog’s head,” she says. And toggles tighten or loosen the sleeves, hood and bottom, “which even when snug, mean the elastic won’t hinder your pup’s mobility.”

For the fashionista


Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat


If the sidewalk is your dog’s catwalk, you may appreciate an on-trend topper. Stylist Phillip Emigh, owner of Chicago-based pet boutique Tails in the City, dresses his Yorkie Charlie to impress in the GF Pet Neon Reversible Dog Raincoat, which features pastel tie-dye on one side and neon yellow on the other. “He gets so many compliments every time we walk in the rain,” Emigh says. Beyond aesthetics, Emigh applauds the stretchy fabric that contours to every curve and the Velcro closure that goes on in seconds, which is ideal for Charlie, “who’s a squirmy guy.”  

For multipurpose use 


City Slicker All-Weather Dog Jacket with Reflective Piping


Rain, wind, snow—sometimes you just want a one-and-done option. The Django City Slicker is exactly that. The waterproof, windproof nylon shell, cozy cotton lining and reflective piping are why Mount Pleasant, Mich.-based Michelle Lehr, a dog therapy trainer and head writer at Good Dog Swag, a canine educational and advice resource, has always relied on this one coat. Adjustable neck and chest Velcro closures ensure the perfect fit and elastic leg bands help it stay put no matter how active your dog, Lehr says. “I’m confident my mini dachshund Cotton, who’s since passed, actually thought she looked great in it; she seemed to strut every time she had it on.” 

For full range of motion


Cloud Chaser Breathable, Waterproof, Insulated Jacket for Dogs


While well-intended parents may choose a coat with full-body protection, if there is no give in the fabric, it can function more like a straitjacket. Not so with the Ruffwear CloudChaser. Cathy Brooks, founder and canine counselor at The Hydrant Club, a dog training school and social club in Las Vegas, hails this coat for its four-way stretch fabric and zipper flap, which keeps her poodle-Coton de Tulear mix’s fur from catching in the zipper. “My ‘Inigo Montoya’ is deeply vain about his flowing locks,” Brooks says. “When they get wet it’s a disaster.” Thankfully, the fleece-backed waterproof, windproof parka keeps him warm and dry, and his coif intact.  

For added warmth 


Dog Solid Squall Jacket


Living in Boston, stylist Tara West needed a coat that would help her petite Havanese, Stella, stay warm and dry. The Lands’ End Dog Solid Squall Jacket “provides an ideal barrier against stormy weather, with its water-resistant nylon outer shell,” she says. The fully lined fleece interior is super cozy. “Our family loves to hike, so it’s also important that Stella’s raincoat has a reflective strip so we can easily find her in the woods, says West, and the bright colors make her hard to miss. 

For small and large breeds alike 


The Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat


Finding the perfect fit can be a feat, especially for diminutive dogs, like New York-based celebrity wardrobe stylist Pilar Scratch‘s Shih Tzu Oddie, who’s since passed. The Lucy & Co. Shark Attack Reversible Raincoat was her go-to for the water-repellent nylon fabric and reversible style. “The coat has stretch fabric so it’s very easy to get your pup into the garment,” Scratch says. Though the shark print makes a splash, both sides have the teeth to tackle everything from a light drizzle to a full-on deluge. The coat wins points for size inclusivity: It comes in sizes small to 2XL.   

For a adaptable sizing


Ducks Pick Me Dog Poncho


Brittany Mayer, owner of Dandy Dog Walking in Boston, first discovered the Canada Pooch Pick Me Poncho while fostering dogs. “I needed something that could fit a range of dog types and sizes,” she says. “I always want my pups to feel warm, dry and cozy,” says the professional dog walker, “so the right raincoat is essential.” The lightweight construction and snapback hood make this one a standout. The Velcro closures, which have “adapted along with my dog, Mumu who has gone through a weight loss journey to get healthier,” win points from Mayer.   

For portability 


Packable Dog Raincoat


As every dog owner knows, getting caught in the rain unaware is a disaster in the making. That’s exactly why Luke Silverman, founder and CEO of Bark Social, a beer garden and social club for dog owners with locations in Baltimore and Bethesda, Md., gravitated toward the Fabdog Packaway Raincoat. “I came across the jacket while trying to find a year-round option for my dog, Frankie. I wanted something lightweight and compact that I could keep in the car or in my backpack in case it started raining,” Silverman says. Features like a 100% waterproof nylon shell, mesh lining and a Velcro closure mean Frankie can run and play with other dogs while staying dry, Silverman says. 

For larger breed full coverage


Reflective Dog Coat


Bigger breeds require more coverage and most of the time jackets come up short on the tush. So when Leana Salamah, chief trends expert at Chicago’s International Housewares Association, needed a coat for her 85-pound golden retriever Tracer, she looked no further than the Arcadia Trail Reflective Dog Coat. Salamah commends the wide underside panel and heavy-duty adjustable clips that make it easy to put on. “Best of all,” she says, “the back has two elastic straps that go around his hind legs, anchoring the back of the jacket all the way to his rear end, so it doesn’t ride up to his tail.” 

For high visibility 


The Yellow Rain Dog Jacket


On dark and stormy days, owners will appreciate the bright yellow hue of the Backcountry x Petco Rain Jacket, which keeps pups in plain sight, says Boston-based lifestyle expert AJ Hernandez. Equally important: “It’s made with the same waterproof fabric as the brand’s human-sized version, so it sheds rain and cleans easily, and the partial elastic arm loops ensure snug coverage,” he says. Other highlights include the back zipper for easy collar or harness access and the visor on the hood for complete coverage. It’s also a purchase you can feel good about: “1% of each sale goes to Mutual Rescue, an organization that highlights the bond between humans and homeless pets,” notes Hernandez.

For belly draggers


Action Jacket Pull-On Raincoat


Low-to-the-ground hounds are prone to a unique problem when it rains—underbelly backsplash. For New York City-based Insta-star and pup-fluencer Jonathan Warren, it’s an issue his mom-ager Amanda Klecker is all too familiar with. “Anyone with a small dog, especially a Chihuahua mix, knows their belly gets just as wet as their back in a storm,” especially from rain bouncing off sidewalks, she says. Klecker and Jonathan turn to the Dog & Co. Collection Action Pull-On Raincoat for its 360-degree waterproof protection and, most notably, its stretchy, waterproof belly panel, which keeps Jonathan dry where it counts.  

For puddle jumpers


Weatherproof Bodysuit


If swimming in puddles is your pup’s favorite pastime, extra protection is in order—otherwise, all that mud and water can get real messy, real fast. “One of the leading causes of matting is moisture,” says Salt Lake City-based groomer Julia Blackwell, founder of Pupwell grooming tools. The K9 Top Coat Weather Proof Bodysuit is her “coat” of choice because the onesie keeps her goldendoodle completely covered, and is crafted from layerable water-resistant fabric. 

For a custom fit


Italian Greyhound Rain Coat


Depending on your dog’s dimensions, standard sizing may not apply. Which is why Milwaukee-based Mindy Waite, Ph.D., a certified dog behaviorist at Senior Tail Waggers, a website dedicated to expert advice about older pets, turns to the Voyagers K9 Apparel Rain Coat to outfit her greyhounds. The brand has breed-specific fits, and if yours isn’t among their varieties, they’ll custom-make one for you. Dr. Waite lauds the snug fit, the wide belly band and the hood which covers the ears and head. “My dogs did not like going out in the rain because of the sensation of the rain hitting their heads and ears,” she says. “If we put on their Voyager coats, the boys are more than willing to head out for their walk.”

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