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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 Use promo code JUNE2024 at checkout PLUS 1 FREE AFTER SUN CARE!

Are excessive sun rays dangerous to the skin of pets?

Sun is made up of longer UVA and shorter UVB rays that can penetrate the skin of pets. With regular and frequent attacks, they may produce skin damage including sunburn or skin cancer.

Why is sunscreen sun protection needed for pets?

Pets' skin is sensitive to the excesses of the sun and without protection mat lead to serious medical conditions like sunburn and skin cancer.

Is there a difference between Sun Block and Sunscreen?

Yes. Sun Black, titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, are generally creams and are very toxic to pets. They function by simply blocking part of the sun attaching the skin. Sunscreen converts all of the damaging UVA and UVB rays to different wavelengths that are not damaging to the skin.

What is K-9 Care Sunscreen topical spray?

K-9 Care Sunscreen spray contains four safe active sunscreen ingredients in a sporty bottle that allows a misty spray in any direction on the pet to prevent dangerous UVA and UVB sun rays to penetrate the pets' skin.

What are the major types of skin cancers originating from excessive sun rays?

The major sun skin cancers in the pet and horse are basal cell and squamous sell carcinomas and hemangiosarcomas. Melanomas, although extremely dangerous in people and horses, do not appear to present as serious danger in pets and have not been proven to have originated from sun ays.

Doesn't dark skin and fur protect the pet from sunburn and skin cancer?

Dark skin and fur help shield some sun from penetrating the skin but do not totally protect skin from sun rays. Dark skinned and heavy furred pets still have areas on the body unprotected like the face, muzzle, ears and especially the undercarriage in between the back legs. Golden Retrievers with dark skin and thick coats are one of the top breeds for skin cancers originating from excesses of the sun.

Who are the top canine breeds requiring sunscreen protection?

All short hair and light skin pure and mixed breeds are top candidates for sunburn and skin cancer, but all pets are potential candidates for skin diseases triggered by the sun. Some canine breeds are particularly strong candidates for skin cancers including Golden Retrievers, Pitt Bulls, Labrador retrievers, Poodles, Bichon's, Dalmatians and hairless breeds to mention a few.

Can you use human sunscreen on pets?

No. Human sunscreen, including baby sunscreen, is not ph a compatible with pet skin and is formulated as too irritating and damaging for pets' skin.

How many pet sunscreens are legal and permitted to be sold and used on pets?

Epi-Pet K-9 Care Sunscreen is the only pet sunscreen authored by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) to be used on pets.

Why is K-9 Care Sunscreen the only pet sunscreen able to be sold and used on pets?

All sunscreens, whether human or pet, are considered drugs by the FDA and subject to extensive testing for safety, verification, validation and efficacy. Those regulations are important to protect both pets and people. Only Epi-Pet K-9 Care Sunscreen meets those extraordinary requirements for pet sunscreen and is the only pet sunscreen authorized for sale and use on pets in the United States.

Can K-9 Car Sunscreen be used on all pets?

K-9 Care Sunscreen is labeled for use on dogs and horses. Although used safely on other animals, the FDA allows labelling only for dogs and horses.

Are there animals specifically restricted from K-9 Care Sunscreen use?

Yes, only felines. Two of the four sunscreen active ingredients convert to salicylic acid or aspirin which may be toxic to cats.

Why does the K-9 Care Sunscreen label not have an SPF value on its label?

Testing for SPF in pets is still unscientific and not clearly verifiable. Because of those conditions, the FDA instructed Epi-Pet to exclude an SPF value from being listed on the label.

Is there a human SPF value available for K-9 Care Sunscreen?

Yes. The human SPF equivalent is 30+.

Is the K-9 Care Sunscreen able to be sprayed on people?

Yes. K-9 Care Sunscreen has met all testing and safety requirements for use on humans. In addition to the SPF value 30+, the K-9 Care Sunscreen is ultra water resistant and ultra sweat resistant.

How do I apply K-9 Care Sunscreen to the canine body and face?

Spray a fine mist of the product over the top and undercarriage of the body. Rub the spray into the skin and coat with your hands emphasizing the area between back legs. Then spray the product into your hands and rub the product onto the face, muzzle and the inside flap of ears. For video review of K-9 Care Sunscreen application go to:

Is the K-9 Care Sunscreen toxic if my pet licks after application?

No. The sunscreen ingredients are packaged at non toxic levels for pets and people whether absorbed through the skin after application or licked.

Can K-9 Care Sunscreen be administered to puppies and foals?


Do I need to use sunscreen protection on my pet during the winter months?

Yes. Although the temperature is much cooler during the winter, the sun rays may be just as intense as summer sun. Also, reflective sunlight from snow and cement may attack the body of the pet as vigorously as direct sunlight.

How frequently should I apply K-9 Care Sunscreen spray?

Optimally apply every 2 hours when in the sun and immediately after swimming. If spending minimal time in the sun, apply spray at least twice daily.

Is it better to apply sunscreen in the mist spray form of K-9 Care or in lotion or oil form?

When applying the mist spray, the sunscreen is able to penetrate the coat and attach to the hair shaft and skin. Lotions and oil are not capable of adequately covering skin and coat. They are messy and difficult to remove.

How do you apply K-9 Care Sunscreen spray to horses?

With a large body and head, it is very important to make special efforts to protect the head and ears along with the body of the horse.

If my pet has skin allergies or if the human applying the sunscreen has sensitive skin, can K-9 Care Sunscreen be applied by the sensitive skin pet owner to the pet?

Yes, but only after testing the pet or human with a "patch test." Simply apply some of he sunscreen spray to a small patch of skin on the arm of the human or to the shoulder of the pet.

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