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Epi-Pet Small Basic Skin & Coat Care Kit 4oz Ear Cleaner & 8oz Shampoo (Unscented) for Dogs & Cats

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Description: The Epi-Pet Small Basic Skin and Coat Care Kit includes the Epi-Pet 8oz Shampoo, the Epi-Pet Skin and Coat Enrichment Spray 4oz (Unscented) and the Epi-Pet Double Sided Application Brush and promotes basic skin and coat health for your dog or cat. Epi-Pet's Shampoo and Epi-Pet's Skin and Coat Enrichment Spray (Unscented) provide moisturizers, cleansers, conditioners, deodorizers and enrichment ingredients and promote healthy supple skin and a soft shiny coat on your dog or cat. The Epi-Pet Skin and Coat Enrichment Spray (Unscented) is hypoallergenic and is designed for use on dogs and cats with sensitive skin. Use on pets with healthy skin and coats and on pets with poor skin and coats including dry, flaky, itchy, oily and/or odorous skin and coats. Veterinarians recommend routine shampoo bathing, daily skin enrichment spraying and regular brushing for healthy pet skin and coats.

Kit Includes:
(1) 8oz Epi-Pet Shampoo
(1) 4oz Epi-Pet Skin & Coat Enrichment Spray (Unscented)
(1) Epi-Pet Double Sided Application Brush

Voted a "Top 50 Up and Coming Product" by the 7th World Congress of Veterinary Dermatolgists

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