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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50.00 Use promo code JUNE2024 at checkout PLUS 1 FREE AFTER SUN CARE!
Raw Meat Diet

Raw Meat Diet

Q: I want to feed my dog A Raw meat Diet, Is this OK for my Dog?

Doc A: Supporters claim raw meat is the original canine diet that may be highly palatability, offer more energy, bring healthier coats with a stronger immune system, better digestibility, and just generally better body health. Just like the claims for vegetarian people, but in fairness the science isn't strong enough to reinforce any of these claims. 

Q: Why do major food manufacturers like Hills Purina and Royal Canin spend millions of dollars a year developing proper diets for dogs? 

Doc A: Because, giving them all the vital vitamins and minerals that are incorporated into the foods made by those companies support a healthy balanced system. So I personally don't recommend raw meat diet in our practices but don't object to pet parent's making the choice of raw meat diet for their pet but with some caution!!!

Q: What’s dangerous about it?

Doc A: The CDC samples raw meat and processed raw meat consistently detecting Salmonella, E Coli, Campylobacter and other pathogens. Study’s find these pathogens found in pets stools with raw meat. Diet are also found in humans inhabiting the same homes and neighborhoods.

Q: These pathogens are found in humans?

Doc A: Yes, these harmful pathogens are passed on to human residents through fecal waste deposited on sidewalks, streets, neighbor yards and dog parks may be picked up by dog paws muzzles or even people's shoes brought home and transmitted to humans. So if your pet is fed raw meat or processed raw meat diet…. 

1) Hygiene for pet fecal material should be a top priority.

2) Wear disposable gloves when feeding and cleaning food dishes.

3) Use poop-bags to remove all stool passed by the pet and dispose in garbage.

Q: Should we warn your neighbors?

Doc A: MAYBE!!!

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