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Use promo code SUN2023 to get Epi-Pet 3.5oz Sun Protector Sunscreen (WHITE LABEL) BOGO at checkout
Use promo code SUN2023 to get Epi-Pet 3.5oz Sun Protector Sunscreen (WHITE LABEL) BOGO at checkout

Why Epi-Pet?

Trust Epi-Pet to keep your pet comfortable and looking great. Our veterinarian-supervised team of chemists developed the first and only FDA-compliant pet sunscreen to help protect your furry family member from skin cancer and uncomfortable sunburn. Our formulations include a wide variety of topical and nutritional skin care products to address common problems such as skin allergies, oily or dry flaky skin, excessive shedding, fleas, mosquito bites and dirty, infected ears. Designed to achieve and maintain skin health, we create our products from all natural, pure ingredients to give your pet healthy skin and a shiny coat. Show them you love them back with Epi-Pet!

Epi-Pet 3.5oz K-9 Care Sunscreen

Dogs get sunburned too! White and light colored dogs are particularly susceptible to burns and solar skin cancer. Protect your pet from the sun while you play outside! Our veterinarian-developed sunscreen formula is water-resistant, safe for dogs and horses, and easy to apply. Get the first and only FDA-compliant pet sunscreen for your pet’s health and your peace of mind. (Not for use on cats.)


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What is everyone saying?

As you can see in the pictures, my little Joey loves the sun. He has light skin, and has yet to get a sunburn/tan in this Texas sun since using this stuff. He doesn't like the spray, but he doesn't really like anything involving grooming (the vet can't even clip his nails). The spray makes it easy to apply to his belly even while he's squirming around in my arms! I honestly don't know why he has an issue with it; it's a very quiet spray. Maybe he just doesn't like smelling good! (This stuff smells much better than human sunscreen if you ask me!)


After 1 weekend in the sun Rocky's snout was burnt. I felt so bad! I called my sister who had 2 white bullys and asked her what she used. This stuff is amazing. This weekend we went out and sprayed it on Rocky. He smelled awesome and his white skin was not burnt. Will be using this from now on!
I have my fiance cover his eyes and I cover his nose, then I spray.

Sharon Emery

My dog's pink skin turns black in the sun, which is slightly alarming because he loooooves sunbathing. This does make a difference and is easy to apply. He doesn't love the smell, and rolls around in the grass after I put it on.


This is absolutely the best product out there! I have an all white boxer/american bulldog mix and he burns pretty fast when he is outside. I spray it on his back, the backs of his legs, and then I spray some on a wipe to apply on his muzzle/head/ears. He has never burnt while wearing this product. Just this past 4th of July, he was outside for 4 hours straight, I applied it once on him at the beginning of the day and it lasted all day. It smells fantastic and he doesn't mind at all when I put it on him. The price is fantastic as well. You won't find another product that will beat the results of this one and it's so easy to spray on them!


I have a white Chihuahua mix with a pink nose. She used to get a bad, constantly peeling sunburn on her nose, but this spray has stopped all that. I spray it on my hand and then rub it in her nose and snout. Also on her head and ears. Works perfectly.



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